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About us

DRF (Definite Roof Fix) is a waterproofing company established in 2019 in Kerala. It is the sister company of the reputed NUCTA, the pioneers of home solutions.

We have a wide range of waterproofing solutions for all surfaces like basements, podiums, wet areas, water bodies, terraces and roofs. The company’s philosophy of genuine commitment to its customers led to the launch of the industry’s first comprehensive warranty that assists customers to diagnose the problem and help to choose the right product. Our solutions are impactfully designed considering the complexity of large structures and thus provide better durable and sustainable structures. We prioritize technical service with our expert technicians who use DRF Products.

How we works


DRF Executive& Technician visit the site and examine the issues.


Engineer analyses and provides a solution with a quotation.


Skilled labours start the work under the supervisor’s guidance.


Quality check by Engineer & Supervisor after completion


DRF Will provide a warranty card after verification.


Follow-ups are done by DRF's customer care executive in 3 month interval.

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Our vision

We foresee ourselves as the most reliable waterproofing solution that offers an effortless and convenient solution with uncompromised roof designs that ensures healthy homes for a healthy society.

Our mission

Deliver exceptionally high standard, durable and affordable construction chemicals and waterproofing solutions for architects, engineers, builders and other end-users who need assurance in the integrity of Secureness and Safety.

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